The Best High End Gaming Laptops in 2016

The Best High End Gaming Laptops in 2016

For the hardcore gamer a desktop has long been the only machines capable of handling the higher processing requirements demanded for a seamless gaming experience. Nothing is more frustrating than a lagging processor when settling in for big night on Dota 2! In this article we are going to cover our top five value selections for those looking for a serious gaming machine, and have the budget to get the best their money can buy without paying overs.

Now that the Quad Core Intel i7 processors have found their way into the higher end gaming laptops you can match this performance, with the advantage of being able to set yourself up anywhere for a solid gaming session. Every laptop that made the list has this feature. With secondary considerations for a minimum 16GB RAM, and a powerful GPU, and 1TB of storage (with one exception for the more compact 14” Razer Blade)

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The Asus ROG G752 VS makes the list this is due to its high gaming performance and its top mark design. It has a smooth game play with a processor that gives you a good clockable performance. The keyboard and touchpad are well placed to ensure you get best game play and comfortable to add on that. It has window 10 operating system with sixth generation Intel core i7-6820HK. The display is 17.3″ with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 powered by NVidia graphics GeForce GTX 1070 with an 8GB RAM. It has a 32GB RAM and a 256GB SSD with 1TB hard drive. Read full review >>

The Lenovo Y700 definitely is an amazing slim gaming laptop but still offers a lot in terms of gaming performance and it also has an amazing design. It has a touch screen unlike many gaming laptops which is rather impressive considering it is fast and responsive. The touchpad is also big giving enough room to perform a wide range of instructions. It has a 15.6 inch screen with a 1920 by1080 resolution and uses NVidia graphics GeForce gtx960m not the current technology but still offers awesome views. It comes with windows 10 Os with an Intel core i7-6700HQ processor. It has 32 GB ram and1tb SSD. Read full review >>

The all new Razer Blade 2016 also makes the cut for the best gaming laptops in the market. Sporting an NVidia GeForce GTX970M graphics card coupled with a 6th generation core i7 Intel CPU all packaged into an attractive black matte body, this beautiful machine makes gaming an ultimate bliss to the player. It has a stunning 14 inch 3200 by 1800 resolution QHDplus touch screen enabled display that offers stunning views and unrivalled game play. It has the great looking Chroma keyboard that makes gaming very classy and good looking. The track pad is centrally placed for ultimate comfort of the player. It ships with windows 10 0s that runs flawlessly with the biggest games on the market. It comes with 256GB SSD 16GB ram and 6GB of v ram on the NVidia card for swift game play. With its battery lasting up to 5hours this is one of the best and lightest gaming laptops out there. Read full review >>

The ALIENWARE 17R3 is a fine laptop with a splendid build quality a nice FHD screen and good gaming performance and it thereby makes this list due to its prowess. It has a graphics amplifier to boost its graphics. It has a 17.3 inch screen with a3840 byb 2160 resolution and G-SYNC technology NVidia GeForce GTX980M which offers good quality graphics. It comes with windows 10 Os and an Intel core I7 6700HQ processor with 16GB DDR ram and a 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. Read full review >>

What is CPU, GPU, and RAM?


The RAM is a key aspect in gaming laptops as this is where programs and data in current use are kept so they can be quickly accessed by the processor; also the operating system is loaded into the RAM when the laptop is turned. It is important in that if you have limited amount of RAM not all files will be loaded into the RAM thus you will not have access to all the data about the game. For a good gaming laptop the least amount of memory required is 16GB with such you can be sure of it being able to load all the necessary files for a particular game for easy access and thus the processor will be able to ensure smooth running of the applications. If you have limited memory and it fills up, the processor will have to access files from the hard disk causing data overlay thus slowing the laptop operations, hence you should consider a gaming laptop with good RAM 16GB and above.


Graphics is also a key factor when it comes to gaming, top quality games require good graphics for you to enjoy and also seeing is believing if you have great graphics you would love to play the game and you will be constantly glued to your laptop trying to complete the mission. GPU is used to offer 3D applications by creating lighting effects that transforms objects every time a 3D scene is redrawn. The NVidia technology which is capable of billions of calculations per speed. The latest GPU technology is the NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 with an 8GB RAM graphics card found in the Asus ROG G752 VS this ensures you feel like you are part of the game.


The CPU is like the brains of a gaming laptop since this is where almost all operations and calculations take place and thus an important factor to consider before picking up a gaming laptop. Most games developed today are robust and they contain numerous files with different calculations and operations thus you need a CPU that can handle and process this files and instructions fast so that when you click on play button in the game interface it immediately plays also during game time you need a continuous free flow game this is achieved by having a good processor that executes instructions fast. The latest CPU technology is the sixth generation Intel core i7 processor 6950k which has high clock rates meaning it can handle instructions and calculations faster thus ensuring smooth game play with no glitches.

Comparison Chart

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