Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-14ISK review

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-14ISK


  • CPU Intel i7-6700HQ (4 Cores, 2.6GHz / 3.5GHz Turbo, 6MB cache, 2133MHz)
  • GPU AMD Radeon R9 M375, 4GB memory, 14.0″ FHD (1920×1080) IPS
  • RAM 8 GB
  • HDD 1TB 5400rpm + 128GB SSD
  • Screen 14 inches
  • OS Windows 10


Performance in Games


Features & Use Comfort


Build Quality & Design

  • Total 73%

The Lenovo IdeaPad is a great example of another money saving tactic. The machine has both and SSD and A HDD. The idea is to boot programs up using the faster SSD, but build value by having a larger HDD where the storage to cost value is better. Generally laptops are not the place to pull of this combo due to the compact size, but Lenovo has done it.

Performance in Games


The Core i7 is a great pick for this machine. It appeals to any gamers looking for the cheapest option to play all the latest games. However, there are drawbacks to pairing the i7 with less RAM and a smaller SSD.


The Radon M375 is honestly not the greatest processor for this machine. It is unfortunate that Lenovo decided to cut corners on this aspect. Don’t get me wrong, the 4 GB of DDR3 is going to run the game we want just fine. The downside it that picky gamers are not going to be able to run their games at full graphics capacity.


8GB of RAM is a common theme in cheaper gaming laptops. The standard for gaming is 16GB, but 8 is fine for the value.

Overall, the power of this laptop lies in the processor. Don’t be fooled by the processor though, you are not getting a top tier gaming machine just because it has an i7 in it. But if you are looking to play the casual MOBA, or Heartstone. You cannot be disappointed with this laptop. And, the processing power will allow you to stream those more casual games!
  • Performance in Games 68%


Keyboard is backlit red with only three options (off, bright, and brighter). No customizable keys for us here.

You will get 6hrs of regular use out of the battery. Less if gaming. It seems like the battery is collateral damage from the space needed for 2 hard drives and a subwoofer. Keep an outlet nearby.


Users are in love with the 14 inch screen from Lenovo with the main complaint coming from the way the company chose to do the glare protection. There is essentially a plastic cover over the screen to eliminate glare. However, many people say that it dulls the colors on the screen. Tons of Youtube videos online on how to remove it safely if it bothers you too much though.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-14ISK screen

Connection and Ports

2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC); The 4 in 1 card reader is a nice modern touch.


This is where things get interesting Lenovo used a common tactic of putting the OS on the faster SSD, but then putting a 1TB HDD in to get value out of the storage to cost ratio on the HDDs. However, this leaves our more hardware savvy readers an interesting option. It seems pretty easy to replace the HDD with a second SSD. Because the OS is on the other SSD there is no need to clone the information on the HDD. You just scrap it.


The audio is a huge feature of this machine. The onboard JBL speaker system is getting great reviews. And the machine has its own built in subwoofer on the bottom. Many thought that this would hinder the cooling mechanisms in the laptop, but they actually turned out better than the previous models!

  • Features & Use Comfort 75%



The machine is beautiful. It does have Lenovo’s standard brushed metal look and durability. The black case on red keyboard does look great and the different bevels the designers added help make the machine look like a gaming laptop.


As with and HDD you’re going to have some noises coming from the machine, nothing louder than a normal computer though. I’d say replacing the HDD with and SDD would get rid of the issue.


This has been a flaw in many of Lenovo’s past Y model laptops. However, they have changed the location of the intake and exhaust fans to rectify the issue in this model. Users are reporting that there are no heat issues with this machine which is saying a lot given the amount of hardware in it!


4.8 lbs. Again this is an amazing feature given that you get two hard drives and an amazing sound system. Especially in a gaming machine at this price.

  • Build Quality & Design 71%

My Thoughts

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 is not my favorite way to build cheaper gaming laptops. Lenovo has shoved a high end processor in with mid-grade of all other hardware. That being said, this machine has its purpose. Casual gamers with a bit of extra cash to throw into their machine will be very pleased with the speed of this machine and it longevity.

Additionally, a gamer that is willing to put in a little work on their machine can have a great gaming laptop after replacing the HDD with an SSD and adding another 8GB of RAM. Unfortunately, the GPU isn’t worth replacing in this machine, but it will only be an issue for the pickiest gamers.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-14ISK side


  • Great CPU
  • Fixed heating issues
  • Loud, vibrant audio
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  • HDD
  • GPU is not the best
  • Glare protection dampens colors
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