Did you ever bought new game and after playing it you thing “I threw my money away this game sucks”?

Probably everyone who plays games have this. But I lately found solution for this. A couple of days ago while I was playing with my friends Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game my friend told me about Gamefly.

Gamefly is an online video game renting company. They have an interesting way of doing businesses. They offer a 30 Days Free Trial. Yes you hear right you can rent the latest games for 30 days and play it for free. Is this too good to be true? It is true and it gets better for 30 days you can exchange games as many times as you like and it is also FREE you don’t even pay for mailing games back and forth. You will get your game delivered to you for FREE with a return envelope with returning cost covered by Gamefly. After free trial you will pay only $15.95.

Gamefly offers:

  1. Rentals of over 8000 Games and movies including the latest titles.
  2. Free trials and low prices.
  3. No shipping fees.
  4. You can play games as long as you want and cancel any time.
  5. If you like the game you can buy it with discount.

I ordered my first game today and now I wait for the mail. When I get it I will write a review for Gamefly service but it is looking good.