10″ Windows 10 by Fusion5 Tablet PC


  • 1.83 GHz Athlon 2650e CPU
  • 2GB SDRam DDR3
  • WIFI & Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10″ Screen
  • Windows 10

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Performance in Games


Features & Use Comfort


Build Quality & Design

  • Total 88%

The latest version of windows being installed in the windows 10 by Fusion 5 can easily replace a laptop and has got every reason to do so. One just needs to subscribe to Microsoft Office to replace it with a laptop. It is much easier to carry this tablet than a laptop as it weighs less and you do not need to carry a bag with yourself.

The price is very reasonable for the features the tablet has got. It has got a 10 inches display which is perfect for watching movies or playing games. The Windows 10 Tablet PC by Fusion comes with a 12 months warranty at US service center. It is ultra-slim and is elegantly designed, perfect for holding in hands. The battery life of is below average that is 5 hours which is lesser than other tablets but are much expensive than the Windows 10 PC tablet by fusion.

Performance in Games


The 1.83 GHz processor is super fast and adding to it, it is Quad core which is four times the processor’s speed.


It has got a RAM of 2 GB which is adequate, but not spectacular. This ensure the tablet runs at reasonable speed.

The battery life of the PC tablet is 5 hours which is below average of 6 hours. So make sure you keep your charger or a power pack with you for heavy extended use.

  • Performance in Games 87%


The screen to body ratio is perfect and adds to the beauty of tablet. It has also got a normal USB port and a mini USB port. It has got dual cameras with a 5 Mega Pixel rear camera which helps you to take professional photos.


The screen has a size of 10 inches and good enough screen to body ratio. The touch capabilities of the tablet are quite accurate and are highly sensitive.

10 “ Windows 10 by Fusion 5 Tablet PC Screen review

Connection and Ports

It has got two USB ports including a mini USB port. The wireless connectivity is powerful which helps you to experience faster browsing and loading speed even if you receive a very low signal. It is built-in Bluetooth which allows sharing files instantly.


It has got a32 GB internal memory a part of which is pre-occupied by its processor. This is a bit of a limitation for its performance.


The audio quality is as good as you would expect from a tablet. However, the performance will probably depend more on the quality of headphones or head set that you use alongside it.

  • Features & Use Comfort 86%


It is mostly made of aluminum which helps in enhancing the beauty of the PC tablet. The color it comes of the Windows 10 PC Tablet is black. The tablet looks elegantly beautiful in black and is the only option when it comes to choosing the color. It is a light weight tablet which is 1.5 pounds as other tablets of the very same size weigh far more. The quality of the product is great in terms of design and specifications. Adding to its qualities it does not heat up when used continuously for hours.

  • Build Quality & Design 91%

My Thoughts

Considering all of the above specifications and quality the tablet really is one of a kind. It is an all in one kind of a package. It would be a great technological experience for its users because it is specifically designed for multitasking. All of the above exciting features are given at such a reasonable price which is why the Windows 10 PC tablet has turned out to be a great success.

10 “ Windows by Fusion 5 Tablet PC review


  • A super-fast 1.83 Quad-Core Processor
  • The dual cameras lets you take great pictures, and quality video calls
  • The subscription to Microsoft Office makes for a viable laptop replacement
  • The ten inches display is great for gaming.


  • The battery life is 5 hours which is a bit less for the price
  • It has a memory of 32 GB including a part of which is pre-occupied by the processor.

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