In this Showdown I will compare Asus N550JV vs Lenovo Y510P. Booth of these laptops comes in two versions. In N550JV only differs is that N550JV-DB72T have touch screen and AN550JV-DB71 don’t. While in Y510P differences are processor and Ram Size. Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p (59406636) Comes with Quad Core I7 Processor and 8 GB ram while Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p (59406634) Have only Dual Core I5 processor and 6 GB Ram. So with out future delay let start our Duel.


[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”left” asin=”B00COQ4ETG” cloaking=”default” height=”266″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”topg4u0a-20″ width=”300″]Asus N550JV comes with Intel Core i7-4700HQ Processor and Y510p (59406636) comes with Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4 GHz both of this processors are almost same both are quad core processors clocked 2.4 GHz with turbo boost up to 3.4GHz. Both can run up to 8 simultaneous threads thanks to Intels Hyper-Threading technology. They also have same Graphics processor – Intel HD Graphics 4600 clocked 400MHz. They have same L3 cache size of 6MB. Difference are only in they construction but that’s nothing user will notice. Bigger difference are in comparison this two processors with Y510p (59406634) It has Intel Core i5-4200M it have only two cores that can run up to 4 simultaneous threads, i5 have only 3MB L3 cache. i5-4200M have slightly higher clock of 2,5 GHz but can only be turbo boost up to 3.1GHz. Only bigger advantage i5 have over i7 is power consumption 30W against 38W. In every other way i7 is superior. But many applications and games don’t use more then 2 cores so in many cases you will not see difference but this will probably change in a future.

Result draw between N550JV and Y510p (59406636). Y510p (59406634) is behind them. 

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”right” asin=”B00HIY8VLQ” cloaking=”default” height=”218″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”topg4u0a-20″ width=”300″]Ram

Asus N550JV and Y510p (59406636) comes with 8 GB Ram while Y510p (59406634) comes with only 6 GB. In all this models Memory Speed is 1600 MHz. Again in most applications and games you won’t need 8GB ram so you won’t see difference but this will probably change in a future.

Result draw between N550JV and Y510p (59406636). Y510p (59406634) is behind them. 


N550JV comes with windows 8 and Y510p comes with windows 8.1. But since windows 8 can be easily upgraded for free to windows 8.1. I don’t see point of compeering them to each other sins that is not a point of this Showdown.

Slight edge for Y510p sins it have preinstalled windows 8.1 


Booth of laptops comes with 15.6” and have full HD  screen – 1920 x 1080 resolution. In Y510P screen is LED-backlit which provide sharp image in wide angel and good colour contrast. N550JV comes with IPS screen. IPS display provide better colours, contrast and viewing angel. In addition in model N550JV-DB72T you have also 10-point touch screen.

Winner N550JV thanks to higher quality provided by IPS display and touch screen in N550JV-DB72T. 

Hard Drive

ASUS N550JV Comes with classic 1TB HDD disk. While Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p comes with hybrid disk that have 1TB storage space and 8GB SSD cashing disk that is used to storage moist used files. Thanks to that combo you get speed of SSD disk and large storage space in a risnable price.

Winner IdeaPad Y510p thanks to hybrid disk. 

Graphick Card

One of last thinks but far from being list important is GPU. I on purpose levee this point to the end because hire think get most interested. Asus comes with GeForce GT 750M with 967 MHz clock and fathering 2 GB ram. It is decent GPU that will allow playing most current games but it isn’t top GPU and you can not expect to play most demanding games on high details. IdeaPad comes with GeForce GT 755M it also have 2GB ram and it clock is 980MHz it performance according to tests slightly better than GT 750M but hire comes biggest catch in Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p you have TWO OF THEM and thanks to that Lenovo may compete with much more expensive laptops containing newest Graphic cards.  Thanks to Dual GPU Lenovo devastate Asus in this category.

Winner IdeaPad Y510p thanks to Dual GPU 


As for looks in first moment when I compeer bough of them i didn’t see anything special laptops have aluminium casings Asus N550JV look a little nicer with his silver colour and y510p black don’t look very special. But when I run Y510p I saw almost hypnotic red backlight keyboard which looks amazing and make me fill like going hunting for some bad guys:) Asus comes with backlight but it is standard white backlight that compeer to IdiaPads is a rather boring.

Winner IdeaPad Y510p for hypnotic red backlight 


In this point I will talk abut some other features in booth laptops. One of first thinks you will notice is that IdeaPad pad don’t have DVD while Asus Have. Now A little bit abut ports bought laptops have 3 USB ports HDMI and DVI ports. In addition Asus have standard Ethernet port so you can connect it to internet on cable.

Winner N550JV just because it has some useful features that y510p doesn’t have.

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