Do you think you’re some type of a computer game master? Do you frequently work with computers solely for gaming? Guess, you’re one of several gaming computer fans. In case you are on a tight budget, then you’ve got other choices when selecting a totally top quality gaming laptop. You may not get all of the “bells and whistles” but you’ll get yourself a speedy, high-performance video gaming device which will allow you to play the most recent 3D games on your own laptop. Get some ideas about the coolest and cheapest gaming laptops here.

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A perfect combination of the highest gaming experience for an excellent price, this winner of the Best Cheap gaming laptops Ranking, as well as the Best Value among Cheap gaming laptops, is the top choice for all serious gamers with a budget! The Lenovo Y50 had good reason for being chosen to out-rank its competitors.

Other features on this model are the backlit keyboard and the hybrid hard drive with 8 GB of SSD space which helps to speed up the disc performance. In addition to this, its 1,000 GB classic HDD provides excellent storage space. A fast i7-4700MQ quad core processor with powerful Nvidia GPUs in a grate setup and the 1TB drive means plenty of space games, and more than enough space to store plenty of files, fevered movies, music and others.

Another plus for gamers using the Lenovo IdeaPad Y50 is the high quality, crisp and bright 1080p display screen, and of course, the JBL audio system, providing a massive enhancement to game-playing. The fact that it is among of the cheapest gaming laptops dose not diminish its performance.

The only room for improvement would be the 8GB Ram – a 16 GB Ram would have made this laptop an even better buy, and it does have a reasonably short battery life. However, for the price, these are very small niggles. The pros far out way the cons on this brilliant affordable gaming laptop, and you won’t get better quality for a lower price. If you don’t want your budget limit to affect your gaming experience, you’ll find that nothing touches the Lenovo Y50. Overall, this is the best budget gaming laptop on the market.

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Things to consider when choosing An Affordable Gaming Laptop

GPU Comes First!

Games are all about awesome graphics. The more they look real, the better the gaming experience. Nonetheless, this kind of graphics requires some good processing power. This is why, if you want to buy a laptop for gaming, you need to choose one that has a dedicated graphic card. If you get one with integrated graphics, it will eat up from the power of the main processor, so your games will slow down and possible refuse to run. Dedicated graphic cards are a bit more pricey, but they are worth every penny, so try to make and effort in this direction.

CPU Comes The Second

The CPU has a direct influence on the way all programs on your laptop run, games included. In order to have a good gaming experience, you need at least an i5. If your budget allows, I would suggest you get an i7. Speaking about dual core versus quad core, you might be fine with a dual core processor, but there will be games that will frustrate you, as they require four cores to run smoothly. Besides, if you think your computer needs to run other programs in the background as well, you can see that it makes sense to get a quad core from the very beginning. This is how you can ensure the running of all processes without taking from the gaming power of your laptop.

Gaming is about speed. If a game doesn’t move smoothly, you are going to be very frustrated and wish you have never played at all. As the prices go down constantly in this industry, it is perhaps better to wait a little longer and get a quad core instead of going for the dual core and not be able to enjoy your games to the full.

RAM Is Also Important

Luckily, RAM got quite cheap lately, so you surely can afford the minimum recommended 8 GB RAM for a gaming laptop. While this would suffice for most games on the market, you could do yourself a service and buy 16 GB RAM, which would let you enjoy any game you wish.

Final Considerations

The processing power is important, but there are also other things you need to take into account before making your purchase. For instance, you need to decide whether you want to use your laptop with an external monitor. In this case, if you already have the monitor, check what kind of connection it has, so that you can buy a laptop that has the same type of plug. If you buy your monitor too, my advice is go get an HDMI connection, because it offers a very good image quality, even if you decide to connect your flat TV to your computer for watching movies or playing games.

Although you can plug in all sorts of extenders and multipliers, it’s good to consider from the start how many USB ports you need. I would get three, as I like to use a mouse and an external keyboard and I want one port free for charging my phone. Moreover, I would make sure one of these is USB 3.0, because I also have an external hard drive which is USB 3.0 and I want to take advantage of that.

Last but not least, it is wise to prepare a little for the future when you buy your gaming laptop. New games appear every year, requiring more and more power, so it’s better to be prepared, so that you don’t have to buy a new laptop every two years or so.