Dragon Touch X10 Tablet


  • Octa Core CPU
  • PowerVR SGX544GPU
  • 1 Ram
  • 16GB HD
  • 10″ Screen
  • Android 5.1
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Performance in Games


Features & Use Comfort


Build Quality & Design

  • Total 86%
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It is an amazing tablet at a much cheaper rate than many of its competitors which are expensive and provides with lesser specifications. The tablet has a 10 inch screen which makes it elegantly beautiful and the resolution it provides outclasses other tablets which are in the same price range as of the tablet.

Performance in Games

The beauty of the design is that it is curved at the edges which provide a good grip while holding the tablet. The screen to body ratio is good enough. The touch capabilities of the tablet are quite accurate and can be highly responsive at times. But, when it comes to holding the tablet it makes it quite difficult due to the weight which is a bit heavy. Minor pixelization can be seen on screen which indicates the low resolution of the screen of this size. The good thing is that the low resolution can be stabilized by turning the brightness full and turning the smart color option on.

The Wi-Fi capabilities are amazing. The audio quality is one of the things in which the tablet really stands out. It goes quite well when it comes to speed.  The interface is quick tempered due to its swift processor. The front and back cameras are good enough for such a price tag. The battery life of the tablet is long lasting. The longer battery life, amazing Wi-Fi capabilities, audio quality and the speed of the processors makes it a perfect combination for gaming experience.


The Dragon Touch X10 Tablet comes with a powerful Octa-Core CPU which is 8X cortex A7 that runs up to 2.0 GHz


Includes an Octa-Core high-speed Power VR SGX544 GPU and android 5.1 lollipop OS.


Just 1GB RAM, which will have you covered for the basics. You will find some limitations with this though and if you are expecting heavy use then you may want to upgrade to a 2GB RAM tablet.

The Wi-Fi module is improved which helps you to experience faster browsing and loading speed and is also built-in Bluetooth. It has a rear camera of 5.0 mega pixels and a front camera of 2.0 mega pixels with auto focus. It is equipped with a mini HDMI port and has also got a USB port.

  • Performance in Games 84%



It has got a 10.6 inches IPS display with a resolution of 1366×768 and is powered by smart color technology. The accuracy and the high responsiveness is due to its 10 point multi-touch technology.

Connection and Ports

Includes both a standard USB, micro USB and a mini HDMI port. Plus of course the headphone The WIFI and Bluetooth improvements will keep you mobile and wires to a minimum while maintaining a good user experience.

  • Features & Use Comfort 89%


The sleek design makes it look elegant and stylish. The screen to body ratio is less which makes it look very attractive. Although it is a very big tablet to accommodate in hands but, the curved edges at back are very good at providing a fair enough grip in hands. The quality of the tablet as compared to the price is too good because it offers more in less.

It does not heat up when it’s used continuously for straight 5-6 hours due to its best quality. The weight of the tablet is approximately 2 pounds which is a bit heavy as it’s both dimensions are wider so it is tiring for the hands to hold it for  longer times.

  • Build Quality & Design 83%

My Thoughts

Overall it would be a great technological experience for its users. The Dragon touch X10 is specifically designed for accessible usability as a complete multitasking unit comprising of all different functions as a gaming device, a professional camera, a personal portable library and its absolutely remarkable audio quality makes it a perfect station for mixing your tacks and playlists, and with a combination of longer battery duration lets you make the most of your time with friends, be it indoors or outdoors.

All these exciting features under one umbrella available now at a very reasonable price, now let’s every one keep up with the modern technological advancements.




  • It has got a super-fast and robust Octa-Core processor
  • Both of the cameras are good enough for taking selfies, making video calls and taking professional photos at day and night time
  • The quality of the audio which is produced by the tablet is one of a kind
  • It has a 10.6 inches screen which allows you to have a better gaming, streaming and typing experience
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  • The weight could be a bit heavy due to the larger dimensions
  • Due to its big screen and low price the resolution of the screen is a bit low.
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