MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002 – Review


  • Quad Core i7-5700HQ 2.7 GHz (Turbo 3.5 GHz)
  • GeForce GTX950M GPU with 2 GB RAM.
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • 1024 GB HDD Disc
  • 17.3-Inch Full-HD IPS Display.
  • Windows 8.1.
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Performance in Games




Quality & Design

  • Total 81%

GP72 Leopard PRO a 17.3 inch is gaming laptop under 1000$ designed by MSI aiming towards the multimedia users and gamers. The laptop has an Intel core i7-5700HQ processor with 8GB DDR3L SD RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M GPU for graphics processing and 1 TB hard drive at 7200rpm. It is meant to provide a good gaming experience without breaking the bank.



The leopard has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M with 2GB GDDR3 VRAM which is adequate for gaming at medium settings. However, the laptop does seem to have a weaker graphics processor when compared to the competition, which have a GTX960 (example- ASUS ROG GL 551 JW or Acer v15 Nitro) but does have a larger display. On the contrary the GPU does surpass the standard non pro version of leopard that has a GT940M.


As processor goes the laptop has a quad core i7 processor which is a very good CPU and a standard for the gaming laptops in the present day.


The laptop is provided with 8GB DDR3 RAM but is upgradable to 16 GB as it supports two 8 GB sticks. MSI has made it easy to upgrade the components of the laptop. By simply removing the bottom screws you will have access to the hard drive and the RAM.

Overall Leopard will provide you a good experience but playing some games on high setting may not be possible. It could use SSD disk or SSD cache but it is very uncommon for laptops in this price range.

  • Performance in Games 70%



The laptop supports a 17 inch Full HD (1920X1080) LCD IPS display, which is the biggest displays available in gaming laptops in this price range. The display has an anti-reflective coating which helps reduce the glare. The displays colour reproduction seems to be good, texts turn out to be sharp and saturated. Overall very good display for the price range.

Connection and Ports

Coming to the ports to the left you find the Kensington security slot, AC-in, exhaust for the fans, two USB 3.0, HDMI, two audio jacks and a memory card reader.

On the right side of the laptop you have killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet port ,VGA port, 2 USB 2.0 ports on either side of the DVD drive.


The two speakers of the laptop are located at the top corners of the laptop. They are from the sound Blaster cinema technology which provides good sound quality.


The laptop supports a 1TB SATA Hard Drive with 7200RPM.


The keyboard is of the steel series and the keys are laid out in the unique manner which the MSI uses so as to optimize the gaming experience but the keyboard does require time to get used to. Along with the # and <>| keys the windows key has also been moved. The single row enter key also has a deviation from the German standards. MSI has also assigned certain keys with special functions. Like the F row keys can turn on and off the touch pad, webcam and wireless module and the arrow keys can control the volume and brightness.  However the keyboard isn’t backlit, which makes the gaming experience a little poorer when there no abundant light available. Above the keyboard are a special set of buttons specific to the MSI line of laptops. They are the eject button, display on and off button, airplane mode, cooler boost (enables the fans to run at a faster rate to obtain cooler temperatures), Wi-Fi on and off button, G panel button (launches an application to monitor the system’s performance like CPU and GPU temperatures) and the power button. The button track pap provided on the laptop which is very responsive.It also features multi-touch with is a plus point.

Battery Life Time

It has a 4400mAh lithium ion battery which is not sufficient for a laptop of this size. For continuous and heavy gaming it is better to keep the laptop connected. The batteries can be replaced in case of travelling which is a thumbs up.

  • Features 96%


Leopard looks aren’t something to desire. The laptop design looks very bulky and out-dated. The laptop has the dimensions of 16.45X10.6X1.53 inches and weighs around 6 pounds, which makes it considerably lighter. This is mainly achieved by the replacing the aluminium body found in most of the MSI laptops with a plastic body which also helps cut down the price. But the downside to this is that it makes the laptop feel not of premium quality.


The laptop doesn’t produce noise on the light usage but while benchmarking and gaming there is slight noise not too disturbing but can be heard in a silent room.


When it comes to the temperature the laptop does have heating issues and many complaints have been found. Prolonged gaming leads to the heating which is a downside.

  • Quality & Design 88%
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It is not the best gaming laptop in the price range in terms of performance. But if you’re looking for an overall good laptop for gaming with a large screen and are on a budget then it is definitely a good buy.



  • Antiglare IPS display
  • Large screen
  • Good processor
  • Large hard drive
  • Light weighs (for 17″ laptop)
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  • High temperature
  • Battery life time
  • Could have stronger GPU
  • Poor aesthetics
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